About The Breakup Queen


My name is Brittany, and I'm just a girl like you with a few bumps and bruises...some bigger than others...

I've broken up with men, friends, dreams, careers, etc...

Cried from heartbreaks where I felt like I was coming undone at every seam, and others where really, my ego was just bruised and I needed to get over myself and it.

The Breakup Queen is simply my ode to being a dope woman, regardless of who is in your life. Regardless of what you do or don't have.

The Breakup Queen isn't about my story. It's about yours. 

Your heart. Your testimony. Your survival. Your journey.

It's about love. The ups and downs. The wrongs and rights.

It's about sisterhood, and seeing yourself in others, and others seeing themselves in you.

It's about healing from past wounds, and moving forward in a way that honors you and your heart.

It's about owning your self-worth, holding your head high, and moving past your insecurities. 

It's simply about you living and loving your authentic self.

Be the Queen of Your Own Heart.