The hardest part about loving someone is fearing they won't love you back. It takes a stab at your soul when you can look into the eyes of the one you love and see that they don't feel what you feel.

It makes you forget everything good about yourself and attack everything bad. You know that feeling when you lay in the bed at night and pick yourself apart? Next thing you know you're blasting every sad love song, and crying yourself into a panic attack. 
Am I good enough? 
Am I pretty enough? 
My forehead's too big and my hair is way too kinky. 
My teeth aren't straight and I'm way too giggly.
All I want is for you to love my imperfections...
Yet instead it seems they're keeping you away.
And now that I've broken myself down to my insecurities...I still can't bring myself to consider that maybe I'm too good for you, and you're not good enough for me.. 
I've begged and pleaded, even cried to you.
Just love me. Just love my insecurities. Just be true to me...

Every woman knows that feeling...when your heart drops into your knees, because the man you've given your all too doesn't love you, or want you, or understand your need to be loved. It could all be so simple. Right? You see perfection in him and all he sees is imperfection. Too late you realize that it wasn't that you weren't good enough for him. He wasn't good enough for you. Now you've made a fool of yourself. You've begged and you've pleaded. You've tried to move on and close that chapter of your life. But he comes again. And this time you think he's got it. He loves you this time. Adores you even. Before long the pattern begins again and sis...he's still the same.

Here's the fact of the matter.
The root to it all.
You're too good for him.
And he's no good at all.

- Submitted by Ashley

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