I wasn't the only one...
You'd wake me up during the night with a kiss that would shatter my knees. Body trembling passions united that I perceived as mine alone.

I wasn't the only one.

Fingers and hands exploring my body, connecting the dots like ecstasy's map. My body contouring in positions that I never thought it could, because one word from you and my legs parted ways and quickly nights turned into days, but I wasn't the only one.

Going to lengths to please your desires, because the god I saw in you ignited my fires. Screams, scratches, oils and candles lit by matches...I wasn't the only one.

My body pledged allegiance to you and like a good soldier you'd salute me. Making love to you was how I showed you my glory. Your name was the one I served, and yet I wasn't the only one.

The kisses stopped. Body shaking ceased. For no longer was I the recipient of your sexual greets.

Days into nights and nights into days...

I wasn't your one.

- S.C. Pressley

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