In the loneliest hour my thoughts seem to always go back to you. Why is that?

When I know that nothing will come from what we will never be...but somehow I still come back to you.

Is it the fact that I can't have you? Or is it the fact that time distance and gravity just pulls me back to you?

Fuck I shouldn't even be contacting you.

But after a long night of Hennessy and remnants of hookah my yearnings are drawn back to you. 

I write in the loneliest hour because at one point I used to talk with you.

Dynamics change and I'm supposed to just forget you...see I only write in the loneliest hour because my heart still belongs to you. 

Will I send it...will you read it...will you just try your best to block me away from you?

I'm still mentally consumed with you...

Not a day goes by that I don't think of you

Heard your song "that's what I like" and immediately I was sick, I was frustrated...because I knew you would be singing it with a big smile and I would not be there to laugh and smile back at you.

I write in the loneliest hour, because that's when my soul decides to speak...

I write in the loneliest hour because that's when an artist reaches its fullest peak. 

I write in the loneliest hour because my soul cries... I write in the loneliest hour because I still have emotional ties ..... to you. 

- Writing while drunk...The Artystictype

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