Closing your eyes and using his scent to sense him

Leaving your gentle soft kisses all over his limbs

Constantly touching him to ensure this isn’t one of your many fantasies

Because all the while you’re excited to see

What the future holds for you and this gem you’ve uncovered

This man that leaves no part of your body and mental undiscovered

Your dreams are filled with ideas and adventures that must be shared amongst you two

Nestled into each other, like kangaroos

Being in a place where passion and honesty are requisites

Where not only clothes come off to bare skin but guards come down as a result of it.

Bodies moving in sync

Listening to the tempo of his heartbeat rise and sink

The thunder of your bodies colliding

The unison of rain and lightening


All the while this has been your dance beckoning to him

Hoping that he speaks the same language and understands the hymn

- Victoria

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