So, today, I woke up and you were no longer next to me. It was today I realized you were never coming back. I never knew how lost and broken I was, until today, I woke up and you were the one thing I wish I never had.

I was a fool in love. From you breaking up with me to test the waters and leaving me alone on my birthday while I cried on my floor wishing you would show up. I always thought there was something wrong with me, until today.

I grew to love the person the world viewed as the charismatic, easygoing gentleman. The funny thing about this world is those on the outside would never know the secrets shared between us. For eight years, on and off, I cried so many nights, questioned you about so many girls, and watched you leave me for another woman, just for me to take you back because I was the recyclable trash you knew you could pick back up.

No one knew about the fights, no one knew about the other girls, no one knew about the arguments where you belittled me, making me feel like I wasn't enough, no one knew about the jealousy, no one knew about the pain............No. One. Knew, until today

In some strange way you became a fantasy, a fairytale that I made up in my mind because you were somehow going to be that charismatic, easygoing gentleman the world thought you were, and who I thought I knew. Shame on me, or maybe, it's shame on you because I was your fool, until today

So, today, I decided to love me more than you and walk away.........

- Submitted Anonymously