I fell in love with a man who I thought was for me. I moved my whole life to be with him and within the first year of our relationship he had back up plans in case we didn't work out.

He would inbox women on Facebook talking reckless, until I confronted him about them and of course he would tell me "we're just friends" or "she's my ex but we told each other we would always be friends." I couldn't take the competition anymore so I left hoping he would fight for me and understand where I was coming from.

Instead he let me leave and helped me pack my stuff in my car. Fast forward 2 months later he is in the relationship with the same woman I confronted him about. After telling me that they know they can't be together, that their time had passed and how I had nothing to worry about. Oh, and then he posted it on Facebook after also telling me he doesn't like people knowing who he is in a relationship with and doesn't like his business on Facebook.

If I posted a picture of us he would delete and unfriend me. I was a secret that was not hard for him to hide. Am I heart broken? Oh my God, yes! Have I lost sleep and stopped eating? Yes. But now that I am single I have so much time to think and the more I think about my situation, the more I realize who he is and his patterns.

I used to think it was my loss...not anymore.


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