The picture of what happened in my living room still sticks in my head like a fetus attached to the mother’s womb ...I can remember how busy I was on that very day, with a mountain of files piled on my table to finish before the end of the week. Everything about that day seemed off, my colleagues were unusually annoying as they kept yelling at the top of their voices like the women that sell meat in the open street market of Florence. I just couldn’t wait to get this work done and have some girls time with my sister who has been away for the past few months.

The usual ‘a whole new world’ ringtone of my phone, which my boyfriend always teased me about, distracted me from my work. Picking up the phone it was my sister giving her usual last minute cancellation of our girls time saying she has to meet up with one of her clients for a therapy session. I was a bit vexed because I was so excited to finally have some girl’s time since my childhood best friend told me she will be off to her mother’s house in Pistoia for the day. Since my sister has successfully ruined my plans, and I am beginning to feel a headache on its way, I decided to call it a day which was unusually early for me.

I was craving some me time as my day was becoming very long, so I decided to head home. For some weird reason I decided not to call my boyfriend because he told me he would be in a meeting with his board of directors. Walking to my door, I could hear some voices and immediately there were goosebumps all over my body and I was shaking like a chicken that was abandoned in the bitter hands of winter and I didn’t even know why. I managed to take off my stilettos and opened the door trying not to make a noise, and lo and behold my sweet boyfriend was mercilessly pounding my best friend who was supposed to be at her mother’s house.

Seeing me, they both jumped up surprised to see me home. I couldn’t stop the bag of water that was gushing out of my eyes as I realized that I was being played by my childhood best friend and my boyfriend. I silently picked up my things from the house as I was lost in a sea of nameless faces.

Sitting in this coffee shop, everything is beginning to make sense now. The usual routine of pleading and loads of flowers and chocolate keeps flooding into my office, but if my boyfriend thinks I’d go back to him after years of wasted time and effort then how wrong he was.

I know deep within me, nothing has changed, but isn’t it funny that his cotton candy words do not appeal to my taste anymore. Rather the mere thought of him is like the black coffee I’m drinking now, with absolutely no taste.

My mind is made up, I am never going back.

- Queen Aghayere

Queen is a 19 year old blogger and writer from Wigan, United Kingdom. 


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