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I was determined to slowly but surely cut him off completely. He was not worth any more of my TIME, my ENERGY, or my MONEY. I spent money on him, and I am an unemployed college student, and he was, and still is, working. I helped him while he was stuck. I helped him while he was at his lowest moment. And for some reason, I still had the heart to help him.

We slowly stopped talking until his ex-girlfriend "came to me as a woman." At 18, almost 19, I am being approached by another woman about a man. I never expected this to happen in my life. EVER. 

This girl (let's call her Sis), and I are really cool because we took Psych together and helped each other out and what not. 

I was out in the common area of our floor and she tells me "Karen, I knew you WAY before you knew me." My friend, who is sitting next to me, and I look at each other confused. She sees this confusion and takes a seat next to me. This is how our conversation goes...

"I knew you way before you knew me."

"Sis, huh?"

"We are connected to each other because of Mark (not his name, but we will go with that)."

"Wait, what?"

"Mark and I were messing with each other when you and him were together, and when he was with Day (not her name, but we will go with that)."

"You and him were together?"

"Yeah he was coming up here, and having sex with me at almost the same time you and him were dating, and while him and Day were together." 

"Wait, so he was coming up here to visit you?" 

"Yeah, I was paying for Ubers for him to come visit me." 


"The day you found out about him and Day, I was the one that set that up. I was outside the door listening."

"Wait, I cried over him."

"I know, I figured since everyone says you're a sweet girl and I'm a cold-hearted type of person - I wanted you to know so you could get over it." 

"I haven't gotten over it until recently. Tears, time and money wasted for a guy who doesn't even care about me."

"I've got a smoke session to go to, but I just wanted you to know." 

And I told her thank you, and we are still cool to this day. Mind you, this just happened about a week ago during finals. 

So, a couple of days ago, he hits me with the text "hey big head." I rolled my eyes automatically and confronted him head strong. 

I told him about the whole situation and asked him how did he manage to juggle 3 girls, who all live on the same floor as each other? 

He Facetimed me and I picked up looking for answers. He tells me all this blah blah blah shit and TRIES TO MAKE HIMSELF THE VICTIM. I was up here laughing at him and at one of my favorite shows, Impractical Jokers. He got irritated and asked if I wanted him to hang up, I said "Oh don't worry. I'll do it," and hung up. He texted me and this is a basic summary of what he said:

I was not worth the relationship because we didn't last long.

I am not in the "loop" as much as these two other girls because I did not have sex with him.

Sis did a better job than I did, because I wasn't there for him because we stopped talking. 

I was not there for him when he needed me. 

Since I did not have sex with him, I wasn't worth it. 

It stings for someone you cared so much about to just say that to you. I think this was my closure from him. I needed it. I got it and I finally moved on. 

I realized that I am strong, and I do not need a man to make me feel beautiful. Yeah sometimes being single sucks, and you know being the single one in my group of friends can make me feel down about myself, but I am going to find someone as impatient as I am. I just have to wait. 

I picked up a couple of different things and hobbies to do so I could keep myself busy. I am living a fairy-tale dream and life doesn't work like that. My friends tell me that love comes to you in the most unexpected ways. So until then I will be left clueless to who he is, what he looks like, what his smile is like...I will be left in the dark completely.

But a little hide and seek didn't kill anyone. 

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