A young couple (early 20's at the most). Middle of the dance floor. Bachata, Salsa & Merengue music blasting through the speaker. The girlfriend is Hispanic and well versed on the dance moves and rhythm. Her boyfriend? Not so much.

On the surface you ask yourself , why should I care? He can't dance, so what?
But me being me, I looked a little deeper. Wanna know what I saw?

A young man who despite his inability to follow the movements and rhythm stayed on the dance floor because he knew his girlfriend enjoyed dancing with him. I saw a young man who pushed to the side his pride and allowed himself to be taught over and over again. Even when various older family members cut in (the mom, and the aunt) to show him the ropes he graciously accepted their lessons. Most people after a couple tries, at anything, quit and throw in the proverbial towel but he kept at it. He didn't get embarrassed or frustrated. In fact, he laughed through his mistakes . And even after the songs changed, and they were the only two on the dance floor...he stayed. The boy with the two left feet kept dancing, just to see the smile on his girlfriend's face. And that made me smile. Sometimes in a relationship you have to do what the other wants, and it won't always be something you like or know how to do, that's just the truth of it. But If everyone approaches that fact with the same happiness that this man did, I think we'll be okay.

Maybe I'm reading more into it than I should. Maybe I'm wrong. But in that moment I saw a boy who loved his girl and thought it not robbery to dance his way into her heart even if he couldn't dance to save his life.

The boy with two left feet was in love and even as his steps were miscalculated, their hearts moved in sync. Love in its purest form.

I pray they dance their way into forever <3.

- Nataja Zanelle

Creative soul & hopeless romantic, Nataja Zanelle, spreads life, love and inspiration through poetry, storytelling and visual art. Stay connected with Nataja through her official website, www.natajazanelle.com.

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