"But, I don't know how to fight...I took kickboxing once, but that's it," I whine out loud, pulling my feet up to my chest on the couch.

My best friend Tiffany rolls her eyes, "Nicole, there are YouTube tutorials for that. You can learn anything on YouTube." She's right...everything IS on YouTube, but fighting a chick in the club just didn't really seem like the right solution to my life problems. When they say you're supposed to fight for the man you love, did they really mean an actual physical altercation? Will wasn't even my man, fighting for him seemed ridiculous.

I snap out of my inner thoughts quickly, "Tiffany, I don't think fighting Shay is the answer. She didn't do anything to me..."

"She tweeted threats to you."

"Thug typing doesn't count."

"She Facebooked your mama."

"My mama knows my heart, and so does Jesus."

"She put your panties on Instagram."

"At least they were clean, and they were the pretty lacy ones."

"Nicole, stop making excuses for her. It's time you beat her ass. Tonight."

"Tiff, we are not about that Club Bella Noche life, and we are not Hazel London and her homegirl."

"We could be though. I can get a blonde wig, and some big gold hoops. We can go straight hoodtastic for the night. Nic, I got you."

"Hush. Will is the only one that can fix this mess. I'm going to text him now."

I type as fast as my little fingers can go, and decide to read it out loud before pressing send.

Ok, let me know what you think about this, "Hey! I know it's been a while since we last talked, but I really need your girlfriend to stop harassing me. If I would've known a threesome would've turned into this mess, I would've never agreed to it. We were all supposed to be friends. Please check Shay for me, she's trying to ruin my life after I did HER a favor."

"That's too nice Nicole."

"He didn't do anything to me Tiff! Shay was the one who suggested we surprise him with a little menage for his birthday! It's not my fault he ignored her the entire time! I'm sending it."

Thirty seconds pass by, and the phone buzzes. I stare at the phone, and look at Tiffany.

She looks at me in anticipation of what it says, "well that was quick, read it out loud."

I swipe right and clear my throat to do my best Will impression, "My bad Nicole, she's making my life a living hell too. I know she was just trying to make me happy, but none of this has been worth it. She even called my job, and told my boss all of our business. Can you believe that? I love her, but she's driving me insane. Maybe we can all sit down and work this out."

Hearing him say he loves her is killing me, but Will was Shay's man and I have to respect that. Did he not feel anything that night? It's like she wasn't even in the room...

"Meet up? Is he crazy? Even if he isn't, his girl definitely is!, " Tiffany's voice breaks me out of my spell. "We still have time to go get those wigs and earrings girl."

"Tiff, maybe this is the only way to clear the air. I don't want him, and I need her to know that."

No one knows how I feel about Will, and no one can. Including Tiffany. He's my best friend, and I still haven't worked up the nerve to tell him how I feel. If I love him like I think I do, I have to help him get his girl back. I want him to be happy.

I text back, "Ok, let's do it. Just shoot me the time and the place."

"Let's meet at that coffee shop on 3rd. Bet?"


To be continued....

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