Is it wrong to desire two men at once? Is it wrong to have or want to have more than one lover? I am asking this question from a woman’s perspective. Too often there is this double standard of men having more than one partner and they are thought of as studs, but women are thought of as whores/sluts. C’mon, we have needs too and some of us have never been traditional women. Let me, however, speak for myself. I have never been big on monogamy; just the thought of it scares me. It could be that I am wrestling with something, I don’t know, and I don’t plan on finding out. Who knows maybe, in the late future, I will give up this life and be with one person. “Never say never," is one of my many mottos.

The music was blasting, lights flashing, bursting and popping everywhere. My head was in my phone while my friend was caught up in texting whoever. I was actually texting my boyfriend and smirking at his corny messages, his way of cheering me up. I was telling him how cool the club was, that there was a huge portrait of Scarface on the wall and The Weeknd was about to hit the stage w/ Travis Scott. We were both fans of the Weeknd and Scarface. I was on a trip in Miami and living it up on the night scene. I am big on traveling, and so was he, but most of all I was pleased that he wasn’t a jealous lover.

I felt a presence burning into me, that’s when I looked up and our eyes made four. Why did I keep eye contact? There he was, tall, dark, handsome and NIGERIAN. Let me tell you, I’m a sucker for Africans and men with beards. He was both.  He came right over to me, got the pleasantries out of the way and we hit it off. There was undeniable chemistry. We danced all night, laughed all night, talked all night over the blasting music then exchanged numbers. My friend and I were taken back to our hotels by one of his friends so we didn’t get to see each other for the duration of his time in FL, because he was leaving for home (UK) the next day. We kept in touch via Facetime, Skype and Whatsapp calls, and text messages. He became my UK lover, while I still had my American lover. When he was coming back to the states to visit, he told me and asked me if he could see me and I didn’t pass up the opportunity. By that time, my boyfriend and I had broken up. When he came, I went to where he was and spent four days with him. Four lovely days.

We still keep in touch, and I recently got into another relationship. I believe you can like/love two people at once, even if not equally. I like the adrenaline rush that I get from knowing that I have one guy here and another elsewhere. They keep me satisfied in two different ways and I am happy. I know that one day I will break it off with my UK lover and when I do, I will find another lover...

- Submitted by Ramonah

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