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Three's a Crowd: Shay's Side of the Story

I saw him from across the room, and I knew I loved him. It would be ideal if I was talking about Will, but I'm not. You see, Stephan approached me at the mall that fateful day in January and I knew my life would never be the same. I had just locked eyes with my future husband, and I knew that before he even spoke...before I even knew his name. But I was with Will, and while he was a great guy, he just wasn't who I expected to be with for the rest of my life. 

Stephan and I walked around the mall for a while, laughing and catching up like we were old friends, as I finished running my Saturday errands. When it was time for us to part ways I told him that I needed a few weeks to clear some things up before I could really entertain him seriously. He said he understood, but asked if we could still talk as I worked on cleaning up my life. I told him yes, but that we couldn't see each other. I knew if I saw him, I would cheat on Will. He agreed, and we started conversing daily. Our conversations reaffirmed my initial feeling. He was it for me, and I needed out of my relationship with Will.

So I devised a plan...Nicole, Will, and I were all friends, but Nicole and Will had been best friends since they were 5 years old. I knew there was something special between them but that they would never cross the line. Will deserved a nice girl, and Nicole was perfect. I didn't want to leave Will by himself just because I had met someone else, so I asked Nicole if she wanted to surprise Will with a threesome as a way to get myself out of the relationship. Sex always confuses things, right? Well that's exactly what I was betting on. 

After considering it for a day or two, Nicole said she was down. I knew having a threesome was the one sexual desire I hadn't yet fulfilled of Will's so he would be excited about it. The plan was perfect. Nicole and I went and picked out coordinating lingerie, and I told her nothing was off limits. She could be as wild and uninhibited in my presence as she wanted to be. She said there were certain things she reserved for being in a committed relationship, but that she would bring her A game. I loved how cocky she was. Operation Fuck It Up was going to be all the way live.

On Will's birthday I took him out to eat at his favorite restaurant, and I had on the smallest, tightest, sexiest black dress I could find. I swear it was made out of 3 pieces of thread total. He could not stop staring at me, and I knew it was on as soon as we got home. We got to my house and I told him I had a surprise for him. I poured him a glass of Crown to help him relax, and I told him to wait in the living room. I went into my bedroom where Nicole was hiding and we both changed and came out at the same time holding hands. 

Will went crazy, and had a million questions of course. I told him Nicole is here to help us celebrate your birthday properly. He sat back down and put his hands over his head like he needed a moment to think. Nicole offered to leave, but I told her no. This was happening. I wasn't going to let either of them ruin my night with their morals. 

Will left the living room to collect himself for about 5 minutes, then he came back ready to play ball. I started things off, but as soon as Nicole climbed on top of him it's like the room went black and I disappeared. I have never seen a woman as skilled at riding as she is. I honestly was so surprised by how loud he was moaning that I just sat back and watched. I couldn't really be mad, I brought her into this situation, and Nicole ALWAYS had a man...I should've known she had that Badu. After he came, Nicole got dressed to leave, we told her good night and went to bed. The next morning Will was SO grateful and sweet, and I was SO pissed! How could he spend his birthday night enjoying another woman and not me?

I know...I know...I did this to myself, but my ego got the best of me and I went absolutely berserk for about 10 days. I even Facebooked Nicole's mom and called Will's boss. I was no longer in love with him, but my ego was bruised. I found solace in Stephan's arms, and went to his house and cried on his couch. I lied to him and told him that my childhood dog had died. Technically, Fluffy WAS dead...but it had been more like 3 years since his death, not 3 hours. I just couldn't tell him the real reason for my tears.

I probably owe Nicole an apology for bringing her into my bs, but that’s not happening. I’ll just consider the loss of our friendship the cost of doing business with a girl like me. Will on the other hand? It’s time that I stop acting like a coward, and officially break up with him. I'll probably cause a scene tonight when we meet up at the coffee shop just to stay true to the drama I’ve created. After-all, we know the number 1 rule of being full of shit...

Don't get caught slippin’.

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