The day I met you, you charmed me. You smiled at me. Laughed with me. Complimented me.

In the first few months, you texted me all the time. You showed up at my door with food. You kissed me with passion. You heard me. You felt me.

After a while, you lied to me. You lied about that girl you were Skyping.

I stayed.

You lied about that girl you took on a date, and then to your house.

I stayed.

You lied about your ex-girlfriend still texting you and calling you "baby." 

I stayed.

You lied about that girl I caught you texting. You were literally texting her from your phone, and I was reading the messages on your laptop. Her calling you daddy.

I stayed. 

Two years of this and I finally feel fed up, but not enough to not love you. How can I still love you after all of this? I have no idea. 

I have to let go of you, because I finally realize that your lies are not love. And although I'm waiting for you to turn back into the man I first met, I can't wait any longer for yesterday to come back.

I've gotta let you go.

- Submitted by Monie

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