The Breakup Queen starts with a breakup story, but not from a man (my husband is stuck with me), but a breakup with a "passion project." 

A few months after spending a year on an emotional roller coaster, I was bored, a little lost, and needing something purposeful to sink my teeth into. I went balls deep into creating a career blog. I launched on Sept 12th and I was really excited! I wasn't sure if I was walking in my purpose, but it felt good to be walking in some kind of direction after walking around aimlessly for too long. It was exhausting but meaningful work. I knew it wasn't going to be a long term thing for me, but I committed to doing it for at least a year...

I lied.

I made it a whole, beautiful 90 days. I loved helping people with their much so that I got a job doing just that after starting the blog, and then I abruptly stopped career blogging. I didn't want to live and breathe career advice on and off the clock. That's not my jam. I loved inspiring and writing though, so back to the drawing board I went...

Inspired by my own heart's journey, and my beautiful tribe, a group of dope women in all various stages of love and life, we now have The Breakup Queen. 

The Breakup Queen is simply my ode to being a dope woman, regardless of who is in your life. Regardless of what you do or don't have.

So what can you expect here? We'll keep it simple. Love stories to read, and pretty little things to buy. 

On Sundays I'll write to you. It will be a special time for just you and me. Sometimes the story will be based on my life, sometimes they'll be based on others'. 

On Wednesdays I'll share your stories, and that is what I'm most excited about! 

If you sign up for the newsletter below, I'll email you once a week to make sure you never miss a post, and for a chance to win a "Gentle Reminder."

Fair enough?

Well let's get to it then beautiful. ;o)

Welcome to The Breakup Queen.

XO, Brittany