I was 18 when I met this guy I fell head over heels with. We were together for 5 years until we grew apart and split. He moved out of town for about 6 years, and it was pretty much out of state, out of mind. I stayed close with his family, because I had become a part of it.

When he moved back in town, we started working together and that's how we ended up getting back together. I promised myself that I wouldn't go back because so much had happened in our relationship for us at such an early age. Hooking back up with him felt like some sort of fairy tale, and we were writing a new chapter in our book. Not to mention, after being back together for 2 years, all of our friends and family were on board with us.

Well, we're over 30 now and things have definitely changed. I've dealt with feelings and emotions that I felt I couldn't contain. I felt like I was settling and something was missing, and I have questioned a lot of things. We would constantly break up and get back together. I finally made a decision to be honest with myself. We don't have any kids and we're not living together so we made a mutual agreement to split for good. This time I'm leaving him and his family. Its been hard because we both wanted this to work and it's bittersweet that it didn't.

I feel like God has us going in two different directions.

So going into 2017, I'm starting with me.