Brittany wants to live in a world where all dates are ones that you run home to tell your mom about, all marriages are #relationshipgoals, and all women love themselves unabashedly. Since that world clearly doesn’t exist, Brittany uses her overly active imagination to write short stories that help inspire women to value their self worth, and occasionally enjoy a good laugh about the crazy world of dating. 

Her love for cheesy romance novels, and for putting pen to pad, led her to create in January 2017, where she shares fictional short stories, along with stories and poems from the hearts of other everyday women on a weekly basis. Brittany believes that writing has healing powers, and jokingly calls her tribe “the sisterhood of the traveling feelings.” She happily invites every woman, regardless of their walk in life, into her sisterhood, because that’s what The Breakup Queen is all about. 
Authenticity. Inspiration. Inclusion. 

You can read Brittany's "love letter" to her readers, here.



15%+ Monthly Readership Growth Since January 2017 Launch

21,000+ Social Media Followers - Facebook - 14,700, Instagram - 4,500

5,000+ Monthly Pageviews

2,300+ Monthly Visitors

1,600+ Monthly Unique Visitors

89% Women Readers

52% Ages 25-34

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