He wants to love me, but I'm afraid see, 
Love is deep, but not deep enough for me to seek. 
I'm afraid he will leave my heart to bleed. 

When he tells me to smile, I just put my head down and frown.
Because if I smile he might look at me and stare for awhile.
I can't have him admire me when I don't want him by me. 

At this time I create fights so he can leave out of sight.
When I tell him to leave me alone, he keeps coming on strong.
Doesn't he understand this is wrong, but to him its right.

So right that he's willing to put a fight to show me he's right.
Sometimes I catch myself saying to myself is you alright?
I ignore that voice in my head and run instead. 

I don't get very far, because he's right there behind me, pulling
me closer to his heart, as I hear it beats, it speaks to me. 
It tells me it's discrete and rather show its love to me.

I don't get what he sees in me, is it the things he believes in me? 
His love sings to me, it brings something out that belongs to me. 
Too bad it's gone out of me.
- Kaneisha Ford

Check out Kaneisha's blog letstalk206.wordpress.com! She tackles tough subjects such as depression, and women embracing their natural beauty in a relatable way.


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