When I used to love him.....

Started so innocent
With simple conversations
Whispered into ear lobes
Sending toes to curl under blankets
As bodies tingle with emotions
T(sex)t messages sent over phones
Showing glimpses of supple lips
Eager to kiss places blessed by God

More than a fling
This thing
(((We got)))
Minds twisted
Like barbed wire
Pulling at feelings
We try to suppress yet they
Slip from lips as fingertips
Caress pillows where you should be

Babies learning how to walk
Into the groove
Of each other
Following paces slowly
As to not skip a beat
We hesitate conversations
As breathes collapse
And eyelids close
Drawing visions behind them
Of me and you
Of you and me
Of us

This feeling… it be like… the beginning of LOVE!!!