He said "I miss you..."
Which led to late night moments of
Future dreams and conversations
That eluded to her once again becoming a part of him.
Told her he missed the way
Her ass swayed
And the curve of her hip
And the wetness of her lip on his tip
Walks in the park holding hands
Trip they had planned after the wedding band
He said "Thought we would last forever, but my guess is as good as yours. I don't understand what happened, so do you mind a refresher course?"

She said "I miss you too, but I had so many mixed emotions that I wasn't sure what to do"
See in my eyes you are perfect
The epitome of a strong black man
I wasn't sure I was good enough
Especially for that wedding band
In my past I've been hurt
And thought I could never love
But then you come along and showed me the beauty of...
Laying heads on chests to hear heartbeats
Or coming home from work and you caressing my feet
Our walks in the park
And whispers after dark
The way you would make my back dip
When you slid your tip
Where I wanted your mouth....down south
You became my compass that encompassed my world
Sure wasn't ready for that, but I'm no longer a girl
Now stands a lady wanting to be a part of you
Invite me back into your world and show me how to forever love you.


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