Late Nights

I would lay awake on the couch

Wondering where did I go wrong

Late nights where I'm not even sure you would come home

Or when you would see me break down and still walk out

Or how in just 2 weeks you already had someone new, like our 3 years never mattered to you

Everything still hurts like it just happened

The pain is still fresh

The cut's still deep

 They say time heals all wounds

But I'm beginning to think that means everyone but me

He was the first person who I can say truly had my heart

Someone I would have held down through it all

But instead I'm the one who's still suffering from everything he put me through, and he gets to move past it all

I don't even know how to heal from all the things that are wrong with me

I can't let go, because I'm in love with someone who didn't see my worth until I wasn't worth anything anymore

"I'm sorry"

They're like band-aids, they only cover up the cut

He days I haven't changed

He Says I Haven't Changed

Truth is I don't even know who I am anymore

Looking for his love in whoever will offer it

Just don't understand how someone can destroy a human over and over like that

I don't think this ever gets better for me

But I'll wear a smile and I'll carry on because that's what I'm supposed to do

No one has to know I'm still broken

That's what band-aids are for...

- Angie

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