You prowl the land like a savage, hunting for your next prey. Like a nomad, you move from place to place, never quite satisfied with where you are. Your ability to seduce has been mastered through the looks you give away and just like any good thief, you know when you’ve found the perfect target.

You smile and chant the most amazing verbs any ear could hear, but with every word you speak your venom is deposited into their veins. With each heart you break, a token is gained. Your jars of broken promises are of many you’ve claimed. Like all the rest, I’ve sat and cried but unlike them I prayed I’d just die.

For my most prized possession was taken with haste. With no regard, just to feed your hunger and taste. You won’t stop, they’ll be more like me. For your jars of broken hearts are just your casualties.

- Shelby Pressley

Born and raised in Cincinnati, OH, Shelby Pressley aka HoneyBee is no stranger to heartache! Newly single, she's made it her mission to live the best life possible and surround herself with only the people who do the same. She's most at peace when she's writing a new poem or spending time with her family and close friends.